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Fabian Hölzke

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Raum: W1339


  • Positionsbestimmung in Innenräumen durch Koppelnavigation und Map Matching

Aktuelle Projekte

Optimum - OPTimised Industrial IoT and Distributed Control Platform for Manufacturing and Material Handling


Fabian Hölzke, Johann-Peter Wolff, Frank Golatowski, Christian Haubelt:
Low-complexity online correction and calibration of pedestrian dead reckoning using map matching and GPS
In Journal Geo-spatial Information Science,  DOI: 10.1080/10095020.2019.1617528, Verlag Taylor & Francis, Abington, Vereinigtes Königreich, Mai 2019

Fabian Hölzke, Johann-Peter Wolff, Christian Haubelt:
Improving Pedestrian Dead Reckoning using Likely Paths and Backtracking
In Proceedings of the International Workshop on Pervasive Smart Living Spaces (PerLS), Kyoto, Japan, März 2019 (to appear)

Fabian Hölzke, Peter Danielis, Frank Golatowski, Dirk Timmermann
A Fusion Approach for the Localization of Humans in Factory Environments
In Proceedings of the 1st IEEE International Conference on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems (ICPS-2018), pp. 59-64, ISBN: 978-1-5386-6531-2, DOI: 10.1109/ICPHYS.2018.8387638, Saint‑Petersburg, Russland, Mai 2018

Johann-Peter Wolff, Sebastian Stieber, Fabian Hölzke, Christian Haubelt, Polichronis Lepidis, Jürgen Meier:
Improving Pedestrian Dead Reckoning using Likely and Unlikely Paths
In Proceedings of the International Conference on Ubiquitous Positioning, Indoor Navigation, Location-Based Services (UPINLBS), DOI: 10.1109/UPINLBS.2018.8559709, Wuhan, China, März 2018 (Best Oral Presentation Award)