Signal Integrity

Investigating Signal Integrity

The Observation of signal integrity effects presents a very complex and costly task. Mostly used methods are based on simulations. Hence online measuring methods should be used to create a convenient way to validate the simulated parameters.

Links and the Scaling of Wires

Aggressive scaling of device feature sizes has enabled the tremendous increase in performance of microelectronic products. Unfortunately, the size of wires can't be scaled just as well. Furthermore, physical and lately nano phenomena affect the data integrity in highly integrated circuit signaling. The possibilities of crosstalk effects are hitting the NoC links and could compromise the gorgeous communication performance of NoCs.

Crosstalk on FPGAs?

To cope with the mentioned problems we design measurement curcuits for VLSI curcuits. Even on FPGAs the effects of low level phenomena like crosstalk can be observed. By using a time to digital method for measuring the impact of coupling capacitances we show, that crosstalk effects can be measured in the interconnection structure of FPGAs. The introduced methods enable deductions about technology and layout of logic devices seen as black boxes.